In this space we nourish each other by exploring the signature question:

‘What do I need right now?

We meet once-a-month-ish (every three weeks, obvz… becuase: Trinity!)

Wednesdays every 3 weeks

7pm CET | 1pm ET

on Zoom

You can come as you are – all of you is welcome here!

Introvert-friendly, ND-led, this is a group for non-group people. Be our guest, yes!?

FXCK YEAH! Community server

The best time to start creating what you want to see in your life is right now.

Join a community of like-minded individuals. All moving towards what they need and desire!

This thriving community is here for you 24/7

Learn to ask for support, celebrate your wins and let yourself be loved in whole new ways.

Join us for one of our events and you’ll get access to the group!

‘They changed my life!’

How being a part of the FXCK YEAH! Community has impacted other women


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