Meet The Trinity

Who are the humans who created this space?

We’re walking our talk when it comes to ‘women nourishing women’ and creating the things we want to see in the world.

Hi! We’re the Trinity!
aka Maren, Dina and Karolina

At the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020 we started to have weekly Zoom calls. We’d meet to connect, co-regulate, share how we felt. We’d talk about what sucked (a lot when the pandemic hit!), and about the dreams we had. We’d ask each other:

‘What do you need right now?’

And that question kicked off quite the journey.

We evolved as individuals and as friends/ chosen family. We started to take steps towards creating the dreams we had. And we realized that we shared one big vision: to provide a space for women to come together – just like we did every week – where they could catch their breath, drop everything, and fill their cup. A space where women would nourish each other. We wanted women to come and get out all their “fxck this! and this, too! I want _______ (insert need or desire), for fxck’s sake!”

And we wanted them to leave our events with a big smile, and a feeling of “FXCK YEAH! I’m not alone. I have an incredible community. Together, we heal, evolve, and create big fxcking MAGIC!”

That’s how it started.

Every three weeks we have the NourishVent, where you ( yes – YOU, boo!) can come as you are, let your hair down, connect with your kin, and where you get to be heard, held, and loved. You get to answer the question “What do you need right now” – and we really want to know. For now it’s a virtual space, but we won’t stop there.

Some fun facts about the three of us: 


Aries Sun with a Pisces Moon. Super sensitive and gentle with a very fiece and tenacious spirit. The youngest, she is also the wisest, and the most Zen. There seems to be nothing she doesn’t know. Nothing she can’t do. She’s ‘permission on legs’. Maren is the one who you come to with a big dream – and she’ll be like: ‘Awesome – let’s get you there!’ Maren oozes the energy of can-do, and of endless possibilities. Oh, also her hugs are legendary! 


our Momma Bear double Cancer with quite the Plutonian boss-bitch Aura. She’s a scientist, emotion researcher, witch – and the most empathetic and compassionate babe under the sun. Her love truly melts any resistance one might have on their healing journey. Dina stands for the power of an open heart, for nuance, and a ‘both-and’ approach to life. She is Caring and Nurturance incarnate. She also has THE sickest sense of humor!


she knows BS when she sees or hears it. Calling it out and letting people grow beyond their limiting story is her jam. Groundedness and unerring persistence are standard accessories to this quadruple-Taurus-with-a-side-of-Capricorn-rising. She is a powerful witch, alchemist, and guardian. Whether your plight is emotional, relational, ancestral or energetical, she’ll use her energy to break the curse and digest the aftermath. She’s also our resident Goofball and Pleasure Queen!