Cast Off!

Liberate your creative genie and leave behind what’s holding you back from creating…

…the epic life you desire

…the delicious happiness you crave

…the radical art that already lives in your heart

…the community garden you’ve been talking about for years

Whatever it is that you’ve been putting on the backburner – you can have it! And you can have it now!

Remember when – as a kid – you created entire worlds for yourself and your besties to play in, with nothing more than a few rocks, a dash of sand and a couple of random sticks you found in the yard? 

And you know what? You can STILL create worlds!

Oy, listen, we hear what you’re thinking loud and clear:

“…yes, BUT…

– I’m just not creative (anymore).”

– I don’t have the time.”

– life always gets in the way..”

– what if it’s not good enough?”

– I just don’t know how.”

– etc, etc

We get you. 

Cause here’s how it goes: somewhere along the way, the whole creating thing changed.

Creating morphed from a natural state of being into a task on a neverending to-do-list that needs to get done by Wednesday night.

It became something that was measured and graded. 

That ‘meant something’ for you – and about you! Year by year, grade by grade, every last bit of playfulness and joy was drained out of creating.


*shamelessly citing you here

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if you could make creating great again?

What if… all it took was a safe space where you are lovingly and expertly held through the process of identifying your biggest blocks to creating – and simple ways to overcome them?

And what if someone happened to have created (ha!) exactly this space?

If this all sounds pretty exciting and has you all giddied up to rub your oil lamp and release your genie, you are in luck!

(you can thank us later for the image we put in your head there)

FXCK YEAH! Community got you covered!

A true ‘pandemic baby’, this community was founded in the spring of 2020 as a virtual meetup space by three amazing (and starved-for-connection-and-community) women:

🎧 Maren – Leadership Coach & Zen Mistress aka Permission on Legs 

👓 Karolina – Energy Mentor & Guardian Witch aka our very own BS detector

🥛 Dina – Emotion Researcher & Care Bear with a wicked sense of humor

Nowadays, we are lovingly referring to ourselves as ‘The Trinity’ and have decided to grow ‘Omma’ (German for Granny) together. 

And any lingering preconceptions about what it needs to truly meet people and build deep connections were turned upside down by the space we created. We walk our talk, providing a space for women to nourish other women – and we always circle back to our signature question: ‘What do you need right now?’.

Cause here’s what we know: Nourishing women is nourishing the world!

That’s why we’re bringing Cast Off! to you, so you get to 

REthink creation

REprogram your system

REclaim your creativity 

REintroduce pleasure

And most importantly: To make creating great again! (…btw: orange is the new fxck off!)

Still not sure whether this is for you?

Then let’s hand it over to those who know from first-hand experience!

Here’s how life changed for previous members who took this journey:

What I loved was the […] connection and checking in with each other. […] Getting to see other people’s progress encouraged me and made me think of how I could apply that to my own life. Idk I think it was close to perfect and I can’t think of anything else that would have made it better! – Lauren

It gave me permission to dive into the deep journey I needed to manifest bigger things for my business. I learned that BIG SHIT happens when women come together, support one another, and are allowed the space to dream. It brought about the biggest goal of my life, which is to move abroad to begin working remotely in other parts of the world. […] I kept associating the word “create” with art, like painting or drawing, but once I discovered that it was a space for me to dive deep into whatever I wanted to manifest, everything really fell into place. – Emily

What I have learned […] is for me to be able to ‘’receive’’ something highly weird happening to me. […] I was able to locate a space within me, which is my deeper identity (or no identity as it can be anything). By this realisation, I was able to stop seeking ‘approval’ from my boyfriend, colleagues and others, so as for me to stop ‘outsourcing’ my pleasure and happiness to others. – Ihna

Cast Off! – A group event to cut the ropes that keep you tethered

June 28

7pm CEST | 1pm EDT

on Zoom

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